Wim Nijenhuis (1948) is associate professor emeritus theory in art and independent writer. He studied urbanism at the Delft University of Technology and has a PhD in Architectural Theory and History. Among his many publications, he is the (co) author of Eating Brazil (1999) and The Diabolical Highway (2007).  He is a well known architecture critic and historian. He teaches at several schools for architecture and art. His research covers the fields of urban design, architec­ture, art, history, philosophy and culture criti­cism. His main concern is the threatened position of architecture critique and theory that he approaches with experiments in writing strategies. In conferences, symposia and publications he introduced several new topics for discussion and research such as: the relation between speed and design (Paul Virilio), the aesthetics of the highway design, media and architecture, architecture and philosophy, Foucauldian archaeology and genealogy of the discourse of urbanism in history and the present. 

Site: http://home.hccnet.nl/j.w.nijenhuis

Boeken uitgegeven door 1001:
THE RIDDLE OF THE REAL CITY, or the dark knowledge of urbanism